European Integral Yoga Reunion – Joogatapahtuma vailla vertaa

Integral Yoga Finland and Sport Institute Kisakeskus warmly welcome you to join this magnificent Yoga Reunion  – One With Nature  9.-13.8.2017!

Olet lämpimästi tervetullut mukaan upeaan joogatapahtumaan!

We warmly welcome the friends and family of Integral Yoga to join us for an extended weekend of Yoga, workshops, meditation, talks, chanting, Kirtan and being together surrounded by the beautiful Finnish nature. Here on this site you can find more information about our location, prices and accommodation. You can also register here for the Reunion.

Olet lämpimästi tervetullut osallistumaan tähän joogatapahtumaan vailla vertaa, vaikka integraljooga olisikin sinulle vielä vierasta. Tältä sivulta löydät lisää tietoa kurssista ja sen upeasta ohjelmasta, opettajista ja esiintyjistä, integraljoogasta sekä ilmoittautumislomakkeen. Lisätietoja antaa mielellään Integral Yoga Finland ry / Sari Sharmini Penttilä More information about the Program and all the amazing teachers and speakers can be found here: Teachers and speakers/ and the wonderful Kirtan artists here: Kirtan artists

See you all in August! Tutustu suomenkieliseen esitteeseen TÄSTÄ

How to get there: From the Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Helsinki railway station, take the train to Karjaa station and from there by taxi/shuttle bus transport to Kisakeskus.
Note: The accommodation will be paid at Kisakeskus upon arriving.
Please, send an email also to Vayu/Sharmini
with your contact information after you have paid the registration payment, (the prices,  numbers and bank codes for the payment are found on the flyer of EIY Reunion).

PRICE for this complete course is 420 € for shared accommodation, 225 euros to be paid upon registration 195 euros to be paid at Kisakeskus upon arriving.

Add requests for single accommodation (30€) on the registration form and via email.

Please ,send an email also to Sharmini/Vayu
with your contact information after you have paid the registration payment the prices, numbers and bank codes for the payment are found here:

Integral Yoga Finland
IBAN FI05 4503 0010 3724 50 / SWIFT / BIC ITELFIHH
Central Bank of Savings Banks Finland PLC
Hevosenkenkä 3
02600 Espoo

If you want to pay using PayPal please email us and we will send you an invoice.

Should you have time only for a shorter stay, these are the prices, which we kindly ask you to pay fully to our bank account seen above, referring the time and dates of your stay.

Jos osallistut lyhyemmäksi ajaksi, hinnat ovat:

3 days/nights 330€
2 days /nights220€
1 days/nights  110€

Maksu lyhyemmistä kun 4 vuorokauden osallistumisesta, maksetaan kokonaisuudessaan ilmoittautumisen yhteydessä yllä olevalle tilille ja lisääthän viestikenttään tiedon osallistumispäivistä/öistä. Täten ei saapumisen yhteydessä tarvitse enään maksaa, tuo kuitenkin kuitti maksusta tullessasi.

IYFinland ry:n jäsenille tai jäseniksi liittyville (ilmoittautumisen yhteydessä) (jäsenmaksu 22€) näistä vrk hinnoista voit vähentää 30€. Tee siitä erillinen maksusuoritus, kirjanpitomme helpottamiseksi.

How to get there: From the Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Helsinki railway station, take the train to Karjaa station and from there by taxi/shuttle bus transport to Kisakeskus. We´ll be updating this info closer to the time of the Reunion.


Sports Institute Kisakeskus – “Kisis”

Kisakeskus is a sport center that offers recreation and physical education of great variety for people of different age and interests. Facilities for sport camps, coaching clinics for competitive sport teams, recreational and wellness activities inside or outdoors by the nature, promoting programs of holistic well-being for families and groups – that is what “Kisis” is all about!

Kisakeskus offers wide variety of sports in the middle of beautiful southern Finnish nature. Facilities are perfect for professionals and amateurs alike.

Accommodation in Kisakeskus

Kisakeskus offers accommodation for up to 265 people. There are three types of accommodation for you to choose from: cozy cottages, apartments or rooms and group accommodation. Bedlinen and towels are included in all our accommodation choices.

There are ten cozy log cabins in the Kisakeskus village. All the cabins have two small bedrooms, two beds in both rooms and a sofabed in the living room (4/5 persons in a cabin). Cabins also have a TV, sauna with shower and cabinet for drying out the clothes.

Group accommodation
If you want to stay with a bigger group, you may choose a group accommodation option. All the rooms have WC, shower, TV and refrigerator. The rooms fit 2 to 6 persons.

Single Room
If you prefer privacy you may stay in a single room located in main building. Single rooms have also TV, WC and shower. Extra charge for single rooms will be 30 euros.

Bookings – Integral Yoga European Reunion

 9-13 August 2017 in Finland

Your age at the time of the Retreat
Please include country code +
Please include (1) their name; (2) their phone number including the international dialling code, and (3) their relationship to you.
Please note that we try our best to fulfill your wishes, but cannot guarantee it. Early birds catch the worms, though.
The name(s) of the person(s) you want to share a room with and/or cottage with.