Teachers and speakers of the 6th Integral Yoga Reunion

Teachers and speakers

Swami Karunananda
Swami Karunananda, is a senior disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda. In 1975, she was ordained as a monk into the Holy Order of Sannyas. She has had over 40 years experience teaching all aspects of Yoga and specializes now in workshops, retreats, and teacher training programs that focus on the science of meditation, the philosophy of Yoga, personal transformation, and Yoga breathing techniques for better health and wellbeing. She developed, and for 25 years has taught, the Integral Yoga Teacher Training programs in Raja Yoga and in Meditation.
Swami Karunananda served as president of Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville in Virginia and in California, as well as director of the Integral Yoga Institutes in San Francisco and in Santa Barbara. She currently serves on the Board of Trustees, and as the chairperson of the Spiritual Life Board at Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville, VA.
Interested in fostering interfaith understanding and harmony, she is featured in the interfaith documentary entitled, With One Voice. She also compiled and edited the Lotus Prayer Book, a collection of prayers from various faith traditions, and Enlightening Tales as told by Sri Swami Satchidananda. She served as contributing editor for The Breath of Life: Integral Yoga Pranayama, as well as a senior writer for the Integral Yoga Magazine. A newly released publication of hers, Awakening: Aspiration to Realization Through Integral Yoga, describes the spiritual path and provides guidance for the journey.
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Swami Ramananda
Swami Ramananda is the President of the Integral Yoga Institute in San Francisco and a greatly respected Senior Teacher in the Integral Yoga tradition, who has been practicing Yoga for over 35 years. Ramananda offers practical methods of integrating the timeless teachings and practices of yoga into daily life, and transforming the painful aspects of human experience into steps toward realizing one’s full potential.
He leads beginner, intermediate and advanced level yoga teacher training programs in San Francisco, and offers a variety of programs in many locations in the U. S., Europe and South America. Ramananda trains Yoga teachers to bring Yoga into corporate, hospital and medical settings and has taught mind/body wellness programs in many locations. He is a founding board member of the Yoga Alliance, a national registry that supports and promotes yoga teachers as professionals. His warmth, wisdom and sense of humor have endeared him to many, and his serene poetry has touched many hearts.
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Nalanie Chellaram
Nalanie Chellaram was born into the distinguished and leading family of the Harilelas in Hong Kong, and Sri Swami Satchidananda was a frequent visitor in her home. In 1986 Nalanie formally became a disciple of Gurudev and continued her study of the science of yoga under His Holiness’ guidance. She has been accredited by the Council of Teachers of the Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia, USA. to teach Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation. She is also an accredited Teacher Trainer for Integral Yoga and a therapist under the British School of Yoga.
She is the Chairwoman of the Integral Yoga Centre in Gibraltar where she runs regular weekly satsangs, teacher training and counseling sessions. This Centre is a registered Charity serving the community.
Nalanie, who now lives in Spain, frequently lectures on the Science of Yoga, in Portugal, Spain. Germany. the United Kingdom, the USA and the Far East. She is the first of a new generation of spiritual teachers. Her particular upbringing and education has given her a special insight into both Hinduism and Christianity, inspired by her Beloved Guru. She is also the founder of ‘Service in Satchidananda’, a non-profit international collective of charities established in honor of Sri Swami Satchidananda and based on his core teaching of selfless service.
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Sam Rudra Swartz
Reverend Sam Rudra Swartz, ”The Sarge,” is a KAY (Kidding Around Yoga) Trainer and an ordained Interfaith Minister from the All Faiths Seminary, New York City (2004), and Certified in Integral Yoga from Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville or Integral Yoga Institute San Francisco as a Hatha Yoga (2011), Accessible-Yoga Teacher Training (2011), Meditation (2011), and Raja Yoga Teacher (2012).
He also received his Bachelor of Music in Brass Performance, Tuba Concentration from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts Music School in 1996 and is an accomplihsed musician having performed as a soloist in Carnegie Hall and was an active busker.
Rudra, earned his certification to ”kid around,” as a Children’s Yoga Teacher from Kidding Around Yoga in 2012. He also serves as a Counselor and Assistant Director of Camp Yogaville, at Satchidananda Ashram Virginia’s summer camp, where he was bestowed with the loving nickname, “The Sarge”, for showing an ability to discipline the children in a loving way. He continues to serve there annually, as well as participate in the Kidding Around Yoga Camp in Ellenton, FL in the same capacity.
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Paola Parvathi Faini
Paola Parvathi Faini is one of the leading Senior tTachers of Integral Yoga in Europe, a Hatha Yoga Basic & Intermediate Teacher, Raja Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher, and Teacher Trainer from Milan, Italy. Disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda, she has an invigorating and warm approach, bringing a deep insight together with relaxation and joy into all Yoga practice.
She lived in China for 15 years where she was inspired by the Martial Arts and Chinese Traditional Medicine and she is a Shiatsu therapist. These experiences enriched her Yoga practice and she skillfully integrates them into her way of teaching asana, pranayama and meditation. She had the blessing to stay at the presence of Gurudev and directly absorbe from His examples and teachings, living in Yogaville Satchidananda Ashram, where she studied and served in different trainings and programs. Now she regularly visits the ashram once a year and she is currently serving as a member of the Integral Yoga Teacher Council and the IYGN-Integral Yoga Global Network. Since 1999 she runs the Milan Integral Yoga Centre Centro Integral Yoga Shanti, a very active center with around 20 teachers and a reference point for more then 500 students yearly.
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Heike Amma Farkas
Heike Amma Farkas is a certified Integral Yoga Teacher since 1993 and an Integral Teacher Trainer in Germany since 2002. She is the author of the Partner Yoga -book, published in German,and Spanish. As the head of the Integral Yoga Centre – Augsburg, Germany, she has been teaching children and adults with great joy and enthusiasm. Her background and experience as a school teacher, certified massage therapist and naturopath is beautifully influencing her Yoga teaching. But her real strength and inspiration is rooted in the deep devotion to Sri Swami Satchidananda, who she met miraculously 1990 in Alaska during her extended travels and who transformed not just her life, but her name immediately to ”high key”.
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Usha Piscini
Usha Piscini, born in Germany in 1944. After studying political science and philosophy she worked as a journalist for a radio station. In 1980 her family visited Swami Satchidananda in the Connecticut Ashram and 12 years later she moved to the Ashram in Virginia. Since 2002 she lives in Italy, created a small Yoga Center there and trained several dedicated students (Basic and Intermediate Level). She is an artist and a writer, thoroughly dedicated to study of Yoga Philosophy and Ethics, and herself an embodiment of Yogic Light and Love!


Alessandra Uma Cocchi
Alessandra Uma Cocchi is an Integral Yoga Teacher, trained in Italy, Portugal, Yogaville (USA) and Austria through the different stages of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Teacher Trainings, Prenatal and Labour, Accessible Yoga, Yoga of the Heart (for cardiovascular and oncological issues), and Therapeutic Applications of Integral Yoga. In 2004 she founded the YAP Yoga Studio in Teramo, Italy, a non-lucrative organization, an official Integral Yoga Centre since 2009, opening the doors to various Yoga schools and traditions. She currently serves as a Yoga Therapist, an Accessible Yoga Trainer and a Co-Teacher within Integral Yoga Teacher Trainings.
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http://centroyogayap.it/  https://www.yogaspecialistico.com/


Rowan Cobelli
Rowan Cobelli (UK) has his main training through the Integral Yoga School with Swami Satchidananda, and is also deeply inspired through the approach of ‘Satsang’ with many modern current day teachers. Practicing for 21 years and teaching full time for 17, he offers yoga from a variety of perspectives. Through his own exploration, he has found the insightful way Integral Yoga brings all aspects of Yoga and Yoga Philosophy into the actual mechanics of movement, and now teaches how to blend many skills and depths into a way of moving. Rowan Cobelli is also an experienced IY Teacher Trainer and organizes the yearly Colourfest Festival near Bournemouth.
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Lucy Luckshmi Cannon
Born in London, moved to Portugal as a young child. Following her studies moved to London where she worked at Gucci for 3 years as PA to the manager. She returned to Portugal to follow her love of Yoga, In 2002 became a Certified Integral Yoga teacher. Now teaching regularly, specializing in therapeutic yoga and for children with special needs. Luckshmi is the Integral Yoga European Co-ordinator for the IY Europe website and co-ordinates many trainings in Portugal.


Paula Prasanna Kiuru
Paula Prasanna Kiuru is the founder of Om Yoga school in Tampere, Finland. She teaches yoga regularly, conducts teacher trainings and organizes Yoga Holidays. Her compassion and love have taken her to teach yoga to various different groups such as special needs children and recovering addicts to mention a few. In Paula’s classes you can forget about every day worries and enjoy the moment. “(she is) The embodiment of Yogic Joy and Light ” -Anandalehti yoga magazine
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Mari Parashakti Rantamäki
Mari Parashakti Rantamäki is an Integral Yoga Hatha Teacher, whose practise is strongly directed by the turning within towards the spiritual heart. With this approach, Parashakti has immersed herself to therapeutic yoga. She has also a Integral Yoga Stress Managemet training, and in her work as a doctor she applies the yogic and yogic therapeutic philosophy and array.


Shabad Deep Kaur
Shabad Deep Kaur (Teija Enoranta), from Finland, has studied to be a Kundalini Yoga Teacher at Guru Ram Das Ashram in New Mexico, USA, founded by Yogi Bhajan, as well as an Integral Yoga Hatha Teacher with Rowan Cobelli and Swami Asokananda. She teaches Yoga full time since 2010, instructing group classes in Integral Yoga Hatha, Flow, Pregnancy Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. She gives retreats and sings Kirtan, and helps people in one-to-one therapeutic sessions. She has studied to be a Yoga of the Heart Teacher with Nischala Joy Devi. Shabad Deep has published a translation and commentary of Japji Sahib with the title Japji Sahib – Yoga of the Mind.
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Sari Sharmini Penttilä
Sharmini, Sari Penttilä, M.Sc. has been promoting wellbeing over 30 years working as Physical and Health Education teacher. 20 years ago she re-found yoga, started to practise it regularly and little by little took yoga into her P.E. classes. 10 years ago she felt the need to study more of the teachings of Yoga. Year 2009 she found Integral Yoga as her path led to Nalanie Chellaram and was introduced to the Spanish Sangha. She lived there years 2009-11and now regularly visits Spain.
She felt she had found her spritual hOMe. Since then she has been inspired by our Gurudev´s teachings, living yogic life, teaching regularly and studying many Yoga Teacher Trainings, such as Basic, Raja, Intermediate, Advanced and Healing Yoga and the IYGrantparenting program of Yoga Therapy.
She loves being in nature, getting recharged by it´s peace, beauty and harmony. Those are also the elements that she loves to share with her students. She want´s to bring yoga accessible to everyone. Yoga is for All and We are All One With Nature!

Erkki Lähde
Doctor (in for. sci.) Erkki Lähde (FI) has been professor (emeritus nowadays) both in Forest Soil Science and in Silviculture. In his research work, the main topic is developing and studying alternative non-clearcutting silvicultural methods.




Tiina Shanti Syrjä
Tiina Shanti Syrjä is an Integral Hatha Teacher who loves yoga as moving meditation which can shift our consciousness and have a deep affect to our well-being. Shanti is also a voice teacher and teacher of the Alexander Technique and likes to apply these skills to teaching yoga.