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Kisakeskus Sports Institute  – ”Kisis”

Kisis is an excellent environment for all types of exercise – whether it be competitive sports, training camps, restorative exercises for body and soul or leisure. The Sports Institute Kisakeskus is situated in South West Coast, Raasepori-region.

Kisis has an extensive variety

Participate in courses and lectures led by professional or exercise by yourself in indoor training-halls, ball fields or outside in nature. The selection is ample and interesting! You are welcome to perfect your skills, test stamina or explore completely new types of sports.

Everything is close by

Explore the premises and sports grounds around Kisakeskus.

The places nearby Kisakeskus also offer a lot to see and do. Fiskars is a popular ironwork area and is only 13 km from Kisakeskus. There are cultural events, galleries, cafés and restaurants at Fiskars. For golf enthusiasts Ruukkigolf offers 18 holes and is only a 5 minute drive from Kisakeskus. Nordcenter on the other hand has 2 Championship-Classified golf tracks, about a 15 minute drive.

Kisakeskus accommodation

Kisakeskus has accommodation for 265 people. Stay at our cosy cabins, spacious apartments or hostel-style accomodation suitable for youth groups.

All types of accommodation includes private facilitites, bedding and towels.
Check in after 2 pm on the arrival day and check-out at noon on the departure day.
Welcome pets! We have allocated accommodation for guests travelling with pets. There´s a 30€ cleaning fee for pets.

Meals are reserved separately.

The Restaurant MAKUPAJA by Kisis

Kisakeskus new restaurant opened 4.8.2018.

The future is being built with new partners!
We offer good food, lively atmosphere, local products and joy of work!

Meal times at winter season are:
08.00 – 09.00 Breakfast
11.30 – 13.00 Lunch
16.00 – 17.30 Dinner

The Saunas at Kisakeskus

Lakeside saunas and the Sauna Lounge

The Lakeside saunas offer a great view of Kullaanjärvi lake, ideal for a BBQ or relaxed gathering.
The sauna consists of a big and a smaller sauna, which can be booked either together or separately. The bigger one can hold up to 15 people and the smaller one 8. The two saunas can be combined with a Sauna Lounge, with its small kitchen, dining area and a seating area by the fireplace.

The big sauna 113€

The small sauna 82€

Both Lakeside saunas + Sauna Lounge 255€

Sauna Lounge 60€

Smoke sauna 255€

The traditional smoke sauna is located right by the lake Kullaanjärvi.  As per the tradition, there is no running water, so the experience is truly authentic and well worth the price!

The main building’s saunas 140€

The main building has separate saunas for men and women. Each hold 10 people at a time. Some accommodation spaces also have their own sauna.

History: Kisakeskus 60 years

Sports and wellbeing in the peace of nature since 1958.

The construction of Kisakeskus started in the autumn of 1957, because TUL needed their own Sports Institute. The first construction project was the main building, which included the gymnasium, the gym, the kitchen, the dining room, the lecture hall, the office and the heating central, as well as two houses, still known as Ylätalo and Alatalo, and the beach sauna.

Operations at Kisakeskus began in the summer of 1958 with TUL’s youth committee’s youth-leader course as well as boxing and an orientation camp for boys, even though the construction was still ongoing. The first year 40 courses in all were held, with 1 679 participants.

For over 5 decades Kisakeskus has enjoyed physical training and the peace of nature.

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